Future Goals

          Based on all the knowledge I can get during master’s study years, I am also drawing my future professional picture by the practice and experience. I have worked for international services and advising in different institutions. In the coming years, I want to begin my career by staying in areas where I can keep close contacts with students, such as academic advisor, international services, offices for different student groups and so on. It is the various students’ life that I am looking forward to understand from work so that I can have more considerate and holistic administrative view in the future.


          For the long term, I have two paths in my current plan. The first goal is to better serve international students in America. Even though we are taking care of international students immigration issues in certain offices and trying to do more advising particularly to them, things beyond these or going more specific can be done in the future. Hosting career services according to international students’ struggles is one field I am hoping to promote. Another option is to offer professional advising and mentoring to specific international student groups, for example undergraduate students, engineering students, student athlete and others.


          My second long-term goal is to change or promote the student services in China. As a person who received advanced knowledge about good practices in America and also one who had study experience in China, I see myself as a director of a reform who can adjust or create the student affairs system to better serve students’ transition and meet students’ developmental needs in postsecondary institutions. In China, I will begin to advocate my ideas by working in a more open and international environment so that I can set a service model in a place where changes are welcomed.


          Standing as a new professional with an international view, I am confident to apply what I have learned into meaningful practices.

Yadi   Wang