I truly believe that how I answer this question is an expression of what I have learned through PASA program. Currently I will say:



We learnt to work as student affairs professionals in colleges or universities to assist students' learning, developments and success by providing all the support they need. We will help students in various functional positions. For example, advisors, residential coordinators,  program coordinators, service office staff, university administrators…


And it will be interesting to see how my introduction has changed along with my study.Most people would be nodding their heads after the above words. However, I will still find a chance to explain more on how it is similar or different from one’s home cultural education, how it has changed, what impacts PASA has on students’ life, my focusing areas, etc. It is always a pleasant conversation to talk with others about my program. 

What is PASA to me ?

Why I chose PASA as my master's level of study and professional path? This is not a common choice to most international students. It is all because my undergraduate involvements in various communications with students and campus activities. Do I know how important the PASA topics are to higher education during my undergraduate study? No. But after I have been learning this profession at USC and combing knowledge into my previous and current experiences, all of them make sense and draw my attentions all the time.


I am passionate on all the topics and functional areas that we are studying and working at, such as college access, student development, legal issues, student populations, diversity, retention, assessment, current trends and so on. As a student who has been through different postsecondary educational systems, I fully understand how supportive one satisfying school administration and student affairs could be to student success. PASA to me is a path on which I am reflecting educational systems as well as building a better school life for postsecondary students.


How will I introduce my major ?

My graduate program @ USC

I graduated from the Master's Program of  Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs (PASA) from University of Southern California. Here is the official program overview from Rossier School of Education at University of Southern California: 



"The PASA program prepares graduates to assume a variety of professional roles in higher education administration and student affairs, from academic advising to residential life, admissions to athletic programs. Graduates of the program are represented across the full higher education spectrum, including two- and four-year institutions, public research universities, private liberal arts colleges, graduate/professional schools, and for-profit institutions. Through the combination of coursework, supervised fieldwork, and the culminating experiences afforded by either the Master’s Seminar or Thesis option, PASA students acquire the knowledge, skills, and perspectives essential for success in the range of higher education settings they enter."                



Yadi   Wang