Previously, an international graduate student in the U.S.;

Currently, a student affairs professional serving worldwide students;


    "Be the change you wish to see in the world."   ― Mahatma Gandhi


Passionate, Innovative & Efficient 

         My passion for education started when I first stepped onto the platform as a volunteer teacher in a primary school in a rural area of China several years ago. I was a volunteer teacher for a national program called "Care for the Poor". I vividly remember the glittering eyes of the six pupils I taught, those eyes that were filled with passion, innocence and the thirst for knowledge. I stood on the platform, filled with joy, reminding myself over and over that I should try everything to teach them well.


         From what I saw in students' eyes, I came to appreciate how important and noble the profession of education is and how much I wanted to persue a career in it.

         Because of my undergraduate involvements in campus activities and my mentors’ guidance, I devised ways to improve and change students’ experience within the educational system through higher education administration and student affairs. Throughout my two years’ study at University of Southern California (USC), I filled up my life with fundamental class learning and meaningful work experiences. 

Yadi   Wang